About founder

Harman Arora


I am a passionate traveler who doesn’t rely on finding opportunities to travel but I believe in  creating them. I have a strong desire to visit most of the approachable spots around the world. Undoubtedly, travelling needs money, but I suppose, a small budget can even do wonders for the ones who take the privilege in referring themselves as the Budget Travelers. I have been exploring specifically adventurous spots within India as I am keen to unveil the offbeat- adventurous locations with least tourist footfall. I take the pride in specifying that I am here to satisfy the wanderlust and create beautiful memories for myself. I am an indulging photography lover who doesn’t miss a single chance to capture the splendid natural beauty.


I am an avid traveler and my passion for travelling has been elevating since the day I started my journey of travelling. I have been keen to know more about the culture of people. I am fond of the adventures as well as my passionate photographic nature has instigated me to travel more and capture more moments in my camera and my memories of course.