Budget Travelling tips

As we all plan our holidays, but sometimes, it doesn’t seem to be feasible to match our actual holiday expenditure with the budget signified for the purpose. Most of the locations come up along with a heavy bill for food, adventure sports, shopping, stays and to and fro. As, the travel tickets can be managed to a limited extent and other related documentation work lie visa etc. cant be neglected, we can surely manage our other set of bills so as to travel and enjoy with a small budget. Here, I am sharing a few tips for budget travelling.


It takes a good planning and a smart implementation to enjoy on a trip to the fullest.

  • Always book your tickets in advance so as to grab the best discounts or benefit yourself by the sale periods offered by many flight booking companies. Keep on checking the offers on these websites.
  • Booking of hotel rooms, the houseboats(in any case), the ferries for island visits(if possible), the adventurous sports and some visiting spots including the tickets, should be done beforehand if you are determined to do these activities as this saves a lot of time and last moment hassles can be avoided in addition to saving money.
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  • The combos always do wonders, whenever possible go for the combo that includes 2-3 activities at least because the combos for most of the times are cheaper than the individual ones.
  • If you are looking for an inexpensive tour, do consult the trip organizing companies as these companies tend to save many cheap packages including the round trip tickets, internal transfers and the activities a few times. Its a must to check their package once and co.pare it with yours, so as to frame what’s more attractive.
  • If possible, take the accommodations that are cheaper instead of spending a lot of money on the hotel rooms, use that sum for your personal expenses as shopping, activities etc.
  • Enjoy the authentic food at the shacks, or street food if you are fond of these food items, so as to neglect the fine dining expenditure.
  • plan your routes and commute with the public transport means as these save a lot of money, or you can rent a bike, car or scooter so as to explore the place and feel the essence of the location.
  • Try to plan effectively so as to avoid any confusions that leads to more expenditures at the last moment.

However, no matter how much we try, we end up spending more money than we plan, still, keep in mind these budget friendly tips to make your next trip cost effective.