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1 South Goa took my heart away – core2crust

South Goa took my heart away


Walking along the stretch of the beach while collecting some pretty shells almost became our novel hobby which sustained till our stay at South Goa. Exploring the hidden beaches and finding some pretty spots to take some beautiful shots for Instagram had never been on our list as we only wished to take the essence of the place, but… the stunning views of Goa brainwashed our mind of just relaxing and we got on a mission to explore the best of this place. Finding some pretty hidden beaches looked like treasure hunting as those paths were mostly Rocky, Sandy, secluded or adventurous to reach! But our undying desire to explore those breathtaking locations took away all of our anxiety. I cannot get over those unbelievably gorgeous beaches, roads covered with lush coconut trees, clear air, turquoise water, sun reflecting on the surface of sea, hills & mountainous tracks. The splendid sunsets with delicious food on by the beach altogether became an exceptional experience. Checkout our Another Blog On North Goa..Come, fall in love with North Goa ♥️

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