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Plan to Goa” is something we all make but sometimes, it doesn’t get fulfilled or gets delayed due to one reason or other. Well, luckily, I didn’t have to wait that long for my trip to Goa and it was fun..!! No matter what, everyone should visit Goa once in their lifetime. There is something that attracts the inner soul and we just get swayed by its flow. It is such a beautiful place that no one can deny from visiting this beautiful place. Even the foreigner tourists specially come to India to visit this exquisite location- Goa.

Is this only myself, who just can’t control his emotions while describing about Goa or there are few others out there too..?? Just kidding… Well, I think I was the most excited one for the Goa trip among my group and undoubtedly I enjoyed it the most. Oh yes, I did..!!! I enjoyed the place to such an extent that even today, I find myself excited while thinking of my journey. The sight of beautiful palm trees, the time while visiting the beaches, the view from the hotel and yes of course the most special time while exploring the place on the rented scooty and time while enjoying the thrill of the water activities, is still fresh in my heart. Not to exaggerate, but I think I even remember the routes even today..!! Well, I know it’s getting too much now, but I am just expressing my love for the place.

Sharing highlights from my Goa trip

The fun ride while enjoying the wonderful sights around me added the icing on the cake and thoroughly enjoyed my 4 days in Goa, with the Goan people and Goan food that is worth trying for all the food lovers who love to explore food from different locations. That is a must try for all. I would say that food served on the shacks is best to relish as it enhances the taste for being present at the amazing environment and exploring the colors of Goa. Though, many people just know about the beaches in Goa, I would tell them that Goa is rich in heritage and culture too.

Candolim Beach, Goa

The happening beach in Goa, that is an attraction point for the tourists including the foreigners. It is a relaxing spot and also includes nearby shops and restaurants for shopping and relishing food.


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The ones, who are budget travelers like me, would surely find a few of the easiest and cheapest alternatives to relax during their vacation. Roaming around the city through the rented vehicles is the best option when you are looking at your budget as there are so many rental options available at cheap costs and the all you have to do is to pay a nominal rent and the cost for petrol, and then here, you go…. This is the most economical way of travelling in many locations, not just Goa. Other tip that I would like to share with all, is to avoid spending your time in worthless activities and strictly avoid those activities that you can have in your own city too. When you are out at some exclusive place, don’t get yourself involved in time wasting activities and enjoy yourself with the most treasured environment that you are going to miss after your visit.

Sinquerim beach

The beach is famous for the water sports and activities like scuba diving, parasailing, jet skiing, windsurfing and fishing



The relaxing time around the beach, the fun activities and the water sports are the few of the activities that I love the most and I enjoy. No matter you visit Goa with your friends group or with your family, I must tell you that take the complete essence of the place while exploring the best and fun-doing activities at the place. Don’t let the tiredness come to your way and just have so much fun at the place that you always get a smile on your face while describing your experiences with anyone. Goa is a beautiful place that every person can enjoy in one’s own way, like I did while having fun and taking the audacity to explore the water sports and enjoying some relaxing time around the beach, without missing any chance to enjoy the thrill the activities offer along with the rich culture of Goa- the most beautiful tourist location.

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