Mangrove tour- The best of Langkawi


Mangrove tour Langkawi is one of the best things to do in Langkawi as it offers attractive customized package for tourists and cover multiple spots around, being in the Andaman Sea.

Langkawi has got a various tours and packages for the tourists to make their vacation memorable. One of such tour offered by the Langkawi tourism is Mangrove Tour in which several spots are covered. Most common ones are:

1. Fish Farming

2. Bat Cave

3. Eagle watching

4. Andaman Sea Tour

5. Crocodile cave

The tourists can select their package according to the spots, cost and duration. We took a 1 hour tour in which we covered Fish Farming, Eagle Watching and Andaman Sea tour.

You can hire a boat from the Mangrove tour base point or can have the kayaking fun while exploring the blue waters.

Every spot has some beautiful sights and memories to cherish but our personal favorite had been the Andaman Sea tour. The pristine blue beaches and splendid mangrove forests are breathtaking.

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